Internationally recognised as a leader in print design and textile innovation, Liberty Fabrics has been creating original and inspiring designs for more than 130 years.

Shortly after Arthur Liberty opened the Liberty Emporium on Regent Street, London in 1875 trading exotic goods and textiles from the Far East, he began working with local artisans and manufacturers to produce Liberty’s own textiles and objets d’art.

By the 1890s Liberty Fabrics were a byword for the very best of Avant Garde textile design.

Liberty Fabrics’ designs are renowned for their fine detail, intricate pattern and original Liberty colour palettes. Based in London’s bohemian Soho, the Liberty Design Studio create more than 120 new prints and patterns annually, collaborating with artists, writers, craftsman, architects and illustrators.

An extensive history of artistic and inspiring collaborative projects — from William Morris and Gabriel Dante Rossetti in the 19th Century to Yves Saint Laurent, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Nike in the 20th. Liberty Fabrics is passionate about championing great design.

Originating as small floral designs, inspired by exotic patterns from the Orient, the rich Liberty Archive now holds more than 43,000 original prints, sketches and swatches, a beautiful and inspiring chronicle of art expressions and styles over the past 140 years.