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Florence and Mary – two very special grandmothers, both of whom had a love of fabric and sewing. Award winning quilter Barbara Harder has taken inspiration from these two strong women in fostering her love of fabrics, embroidery, quilting, dressmaking, home décor and crafts.

Since childhood, Barbara has had a passion for working with fabrics, to create special memories for family and friends. Use of fabric in dressmaking, home decor accessories and gifts enables others to enjoy a unique product crafted with creativity and care. The use of fabric in quilts of all styles, from traditional to modern, from recognized patterns to the pictorial quilts that she now designs and stitches herself – enables her to create heirlooms for the future.

Family creativity is high and Barbara’s daughters are actively involved in the ‘Florence and Mary’ brand, supporting and sharing the brand’s creativity with others.

Barbara is keen to share this passion of working with fabrics – and she hopes that you will see and enjoy the creativity that has been lovingly worked into her items, so that you can enjoy them long into the future.  Why not follow your passion? …………………….

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…Where fabric meets art…